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Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age!

Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age! How to Heal Your Self-Generating Energy Systems Through The Renewal of Your Mind, Body, Spirit.

Aug 8, 2017

Today’s guest is the remarkable Kristin Walter, a native Texan from the Houston area who has ended up as a real estate broker in Summit County, Colorado. In our conversation today, she explains why she moved to Colorado and what her daily life is like surrounded by all the natural beauty that the area has to offer.

Kristin is clearly passionate about her job as a realtor, which she explains as involving aspects of acting as a tour guide. In other words, she does more than simply help her clients find new homes; she also introduces them to a new lifestyle and helps them settle into a mindset full of ageless energy.

We also hear about some challenges that Kristin has faced, specifically regarding health. Her Lyme disease went undiagnosed for a full year, after which she took a two-year course of antibiotics. She has used both Western and alternative medicine to help her in her quest to regain vitality, and she discusses both in this episode. She also emphasizes the importance of getting outdoors and surrounding yourself in nature, and mentions the health benefits of forest bathing.

Don’t let Kristin’s Lyme disease diagnosis make you think she’s not healthy enough to live an active life! In addition to her career as a real estate agent, Kristin is a master diver and has recently won a rifle competition. In this chat, we discuss the ways in which these activities are fundamentally linked to a life of ageless energy.


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Show Notes


[01:23] - Kristin gives us a glimpse into her background and explains how she ended up in Colorado.

[02:25] - What would Kristin’s perfect Friday look like?

[03:48] - Kristin talks about whether being in Colorado and living the sort of life she leads is most nurturing for the mental, physical, or spiritual aspects.
[04:49] - We hear what Kristin brings to her clients that other realtors may not. She then talks about the subconscious or deeper levels she goes to with her clients.

[07:02] - Kristin discusses how she helps clients get into an ageless energy mindset, explaining that there’s a large element of acting as a tour guide in her job.

[08:52] - Kristin doesn’t have to sell anything, she points out, because people see and fall in love with the local lifestyle and have their investment pay for itself.

[10:42] - We hear about a case in which Kristin’s matchmaking skills between buyers and a property worked out really well. She then talks about how the laptop lifestyle has changed the industry.

[12:54] - There has been a huge population explosion in Denver, Kristin points out.

[13:40] - Summit County has recently been rated as having one of the longest lifespans in the United States, we learn. She and Dr. George then talk about life expectancies in other areas.

[14:59] - Kristin talks about her own health challenges and the fact that her Lyme disease went undiagnosed for a full year. She discusses her medical treatments and care.

[17:04] - We learn about forest bathing and its health benefits.

[18:41] - Kristin won a rifle competition last year. She explains where the clarity of mind that allowed her to win comes from, and how she carries it over into other parts of her life. Dr. George then talks about the importance of breathing well.

[20:10] - Dr. George talks about scuba diving, sharing an experience he had while doing it. He and Kristin then talk more about breathing, and Dr. George talks about the power of walking on the beach.

[23:33] - What are some other ways that people can find their ageless energy wherever they are in life and in the world?

[25:18] - Dr. George points out that we need to re-find ourselves and our natural rhythms.

[27:10] - We hear about something Dr. George learned recently while watching an Amazon movie, and explains the goal of this podcast.

[29:12] - In terms of finding one’s own energy, women often find themselves in the caregiving role while ignoring themselves, Kristin explains.

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