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Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age!

Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age! How to Heal Your Self-Generating Energy Systems Through The Renewal of Your Mind, Body, Spirit.

Jul 25, 2017

At 69 years young, Chris Kelly offers a mature and inspirational perspective on what it means to feel 22 at any age. He has enough decades behind him to speak from deep experience, but has the energy and vitality you’d expect from a man half his age (or less!).

Part of this, as he explains, is because he’s been incredibly active for most of his life. He was a runner for many years, and has transitioned to other kinds of physical exercise as his knees have objected more to running. Especially after he retired a year and a half ago, Chris has been incredibly active at the gym. In fact, I thought he was part of the gym’s ownership because he’s so involved there and knows everybody! It turns out that’s just a result of his dedication to physical fitness.


If you’re wondering how dedicated he is, let’s put it this way: he does a two-hour exercise routine almost every morning, starting at 6 AM. While his wife may object to having the story spread around, I’m delighted that he shared the entertaining tale of how he shifted from afternoon or evening workouts to exercising in the early morning. I think those of you in marriages will be able to relate!


With all that said, Chris is well aware that true vitality involves more than just the body. He’s devoted to the other two facets of the triangle (that is, mind and spirit) as well. But he also challenges the division of mind, body, and spirit into three distinct categories by sharing an impactful story about how the mind can affect your physical abilities.


Finally, he shares his key to feeling 22 at any age. Based on all this, you might think it’s either exercise or mental strength… but in fact it’s something even more powerful. Chris credits his vitality and sense of being 22 at any age to family, and he movingly relates why this is the case for him.


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Show Notes


[01:26] - Chris starts things off by introducing himself and sharing some of his complex and varied background, including his time in college.

[03:52] - In 1972, Chris interviewed for a job at Arthur Andersen with his long hair in a pony tail. He got the job offer, on the condition that he cut his hair. After relating this story, Chris covers his career in some depth.

[06:16] - Now that he has (recently) retired, Chris has been spending a lot of time at the gym, though he’s not new to being physically active and getting a lot of exercise.

[07:19] - Dr. George jokes about having thought Chris was involved in the ownership of the gym because he’s so active there.

[07:58] - How long has Chris been so physically active? As he answers, he explains why he’s a morning runner.

[09:56] - Chris has the most discipline in the spirit category (out of the options of mind, body, and spirit). He explains why, and how willpower can triumph over physical ability.

[12:06] - We learn that Chris had several hundred people under him at one point in his career.

[12:56] - When Chris was hiring these people, what particular traits was he looking for the most to indicate that they would be successful?

[16:15] - Chris discusses ways in which money can help someone feel 22 at any age -- or, on the flip side, work against this sense of youth and wellness.

[17:24] - We hear about a lunch that Chris recently had with two people in their 50s who have decided that they want to retire earlier.

[18:53] - What does feeling 22 at any age mean to Chris, and how does he achieve it? Does it come from relationships, family, or something else entirely?

[20:23] - In life, you die two deaths, Chris explains: your mortal death, and the 10 years you spend sitting with a remote, watching TV, and not being involved with life around you.

[21:02] - How can people get in touch with Chris?

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