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Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age!

Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age! How to Heal Your Self-Generating Energy Systems Through The Renewal of Your Mind, Body, Spirit.

Jul 18, 2017

Greg Willis, who’s joining me here today, starts things off by explaining exactly how he became the inspiration for Marvel’s Gravity Man (also named Greg Willis, and also from Wisconsin).

The real Greg Willis is a founder of the Day Spa Association and the International Medical Spa Association, so he knows just about everything there is to know about spas. Since I grew up in in the spa industry and have been heavily involved in it for most of my life, we had quite a bit to talk about.

We discuss, for example, some topics that can help spa owners create better experiences for their customers. It’s important that spas focus not only on the body, but also on rejuvenating the mind and spirit, and we spend some time addressing ways they can do that.

We also talk about the importance of finding the right industry in maintaining a good mood, which is part of what it takes to feel 22 at any age! A huge part of that is finding your tribe, which ideally you can do in your work. If you’re in an industry that isn’t full of your people, though, you’ll have to find hobbies that let you mingle with them in your free time.

Finally, we talk about two upcoming conferences. Greg and I will both be at both of them, and we’d love to see you there!


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Show Notes

[01:37] - How did Greg become a Marvel comic superhero? In response, Greg relates the entertaining story of how he became Gravity.

[05:05] - Greg talks about where to find the Day Spa Association and International Medical Spa Association, which are now both under the banner of the Spa Industry Association.

[06:21] - Dr. George talks about his own experience in the spa industry, sharing stories of his teenage years with his mother owning a spa.

[08:04] - What does Greg see as some of the things that spa owners might need to create better mind/body/spirit experiences to help their customers grow?

[10:10] - When Greg is in a spa, he likes to have his personal space, but traditional massages are his favorite treatment.

[10:42] - Greg discusses the general favorite spa treatment for women. He and Dr. George then joke about the reason that women have gotten involved with them.

[12:32] - What does Greg see in medical spas that would affect the mind in particular, more than the body or spirit? After Greg answers, Dr. George expands on what Greg has been saying.

[15:49] - Dr. George talks about an uncommon device in the spa industry. He then offers his opinion on why relatively few people know about it.

[18:23] - Greg and Dr. George talk about being a good mood, mentioning the fact that they generally see each other in fun environments.

[19:39] - A lot of people are in their industry because that’s where they feel comfortable, Greg points out. Dr. George says that if you’re not lucky enough to work in an industry that’s populated by your tribe, you should spend your free time around the sorts of people you relate to (or want to relate to).

[21:18] - Dr. George brings up an upcoming International Esthetics, Cosmetics, & Spa Conference in Florida on September 24th and 25th, 2017, and invites listeners. You can learn more here! He then talks about the first Ageless Energy conference, which you can learn more about by emailing


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