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Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age!

Ageless Energy: How to Feel 22 at Any Age! How to Heal Your Self-Generating Energy Systems Through The Renewal of Your Mind, Body, Spirit.

Jul 12, 2017

Welcome to the podcast! I’m your host, Dr. Chandler George of Ageless Energy.

Today, my long time friend John Tyree who I have known for 30 or 40 years is on the show. John was a Texas State Champion powerlifter and a World Champion powerlifter. He was also my coach when I was a powerlifter. I have known and admired John a long time. I have seen what he can do when he puts his mind to it. I talk with John about some of the things he did to stay at peak mental, physical, and spiritual conditioning for ultimate performance when he was powerlifting.

John used visualization when lifting to get in the right state of mind for performance. He also trained four days a week, along with stretching on off days, and eating right. John is an example of someone who understands the importance of sacrifice and discipline to achieve his goals. Now in his 60s, John has never stopped participating in sports at a high level. He is now retired from powerlifting and has taken up mountaineering instead. He has a goal to climb 15 mountains this year and he has been practicing by climbing in Colorado. This show is the perfect lead in to my series on ultimate fitness, and John is the perfect example to kick off this segment of Ageless Energy.


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Show Notes

[01:56] John uses visualization to strengthen his mind for performance.

[02:38] To train physically he trained four days a week, stretched on off days, and ate right.

[03:28] You have to be willing to be a disciplined person to accomplish anything. Sometimes the diet took the most discipline, but he just looked at it as part of the process.

[04:36] John is retired from powerlifting, but he keeps in shape body, mind, and soul by training for mountaineering and climbing mountains in Colorado.

[05:32] John can keep going with these different sports at a high level because he never stopped doing the physical stuff.

[06:01] It's his goal to climb 15 mountains this year.

[07:02] Find something that excites you and then do it on the highest level.

[07:46] John is a paid mountain guide and takes people to the top. The climb takes at least 12 hours.

[08:47] John always gives thanks for being able to do what he does.

[09:18] He loves accomplishment if you enjoy what you are doing it doesn't really take too much discipline.

[09:58] How positive addictions can get carried too far.

[10:29] It's possible to have discipline and focus and still do what is really important in life.

[11:10] If you don't have a thing you like to do, you don't have anything to look forward too.

[11:46] Dr. Beck Weathers story of climbing Mt. Everest.

[12:20] As we get older the most important thing is our family and friends.

[12:52] John had to quit a good job at the phone company to live his dreams of coaching and training.

[13:38] Ageless Energy is a combination of things for John like drinking enough water and breathing deep enough. Drink water and get aerobic exercise and breath deeply.

[14:42] Zero gravity device and breathing pure oxygen to put pressure on your diaphragm to force you to breathe better.

[15:58] Breathing better with oxygen and devices that teach you how to breathe.

[16:52] How our bodies remember what they are supposed to do.

[18:35] Do some type of exercise every day.


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